BEST FACE FURRRWARD: 16 Cats With Flawless Mustaches

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There are cats and then there are ​cats with mustaches​. Case in point: the awesome kittehs assembled below that are rocking some of the most bodacious bristles in the history of bodacious bristles.

1. Trust me, if you had a lipholstery this tight, you'd parade around in the snow, too.

2. The expression I make when someone from college tags me in a photo on Facebook.

3. That time you had peanut butter on your lip, but no one at the table told you because the sunshine felt so bomb.

4. "Wilford Brimley is my default setting." -- this cat

5. This human and his feline mini-me.

6. "I mustache you a question... but I see you're in the middle of something; so I'll shave it for later!"

7. According to unnamed sources, this kitten is negotiating an endorsement deal with the Got Milk? people.

8. The internet loves a lady with a 'stache.

9. Handlebar mustaches are often associated with stuffy aristocratic villains...

...a point not lost on one Redditor, who completed this cat's robber baron Photoshop makeover with a monocle, top hat, and cigarette holder.

10. This is the Bat-Signal mustache Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

11. Little known factoid because science, not shyness: When you sport a mustache, you automatically put your best face forward.

12. PRO TIP: Pairing a bow tie with your mustache will increase engagement on future selfies by 16,248%!

13. This Siamese's favorite movies include the 1954 thriller, 'Dial M For Mustache' and the 2002 Tom Hanks' vehicle, 'Mustache Me If You Can'.

14. When you need to be on stage in 5 minutes, but the whiskers on one side aren't even with those on the other.

15. Hamilton the Hipster Cat may have been small as a kitten, but his 'stache was already reading at an 12th grade level.

16. Even internet heavies like Ben Huh, the CEO of the I Can Has Cheezburger? network, sometimes find themselves in awe of an epic mustache from time to time.


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