Here’s What 21 Adorable Dogs and Cats Ordered at Starbucks

There's something for everyone at your neighborhood coffee shop!



2. Her order is iced coffee with extra cream.

Cat with iced coffee biting the straw!

"Just a bit more cream, please."

3. "Hold the coffee and gimme that whipped cream!"

4. She thinks the Cinnamon Dolce Latte is so much more sophisticated than the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Corgi in a scarf and she has a coffee cup

5. She just orders an empty mug to sit in.

6. He has the most annoying order: a non-fat latte with 2 percent foam.

Hipster dog
credit: yomamascub

7. Black cats prefer black coffee from a mug with a picture of a black cat.

Black cat with coffee mug
credit: fangwulf

Of course they do.

8. His order is always free.

And he always tips well. He's a good boy.

9. You, uh, have a little something on your lips ...

10. She's the kind of girl who orders ice tea at a coffee shop ...

Cute kitten with an ice tea

11. Some dogs have absolutely no chill when it comes to whipped cream in a little cup.

Dog with his whole nose in a paper cup!
credit: teamnala

12. Every coffee shop has a high-maintenance customer.

Dog in scarf and sunglasses

13. Her order is an iced vanilla latte that is just as sweet as she is.

14. He orders that drink where you add four espresso shots to coffee.

15. Only basic bitches order puppuccinos.

Weary looking dog with a puppuccino
credit: dafishinsea


Happy pup with a puppuccino
credit: TooMuchStuff

17. She appreciates a good Caffe Americano.

Cat investigating a cup of coffee
credit: harmonicm

18. Corgiccino.

19. Here's a puppuccino pro ...

20. Baristas tip him.

21. She would like a cup of whipped cream, but please don't call it a puppuccino.

Cat at a coffee drive thru
credit: catzntrickz