17 Cute Cats And Dogs We're Thankful For

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There's lots to be thankful for, but mostly we're thankful for cats and dogs.

1. We are thankful for when dogs give us hugs...

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2. Cats are grateful for boxes, even if they were filled with dumb human stuff.

3. We are grateful for people who dress their pets in holiday attire.

Reminder: Not all pets like wearing clothes so if yours is one of them, please don't force the issue!


4. We are grateful for carbs too, cat.

5. We are grateful there's finally a play about something good: "A #Caturday in three acts."

6. Who isn't grateful for a lazy Sunday?

A #Caturday in three acts.

7. Much gratitude for Marty.

"Need I say anything? What can you say? She's Marty."


8. When you have cats, you don't need hobbies. Thank you, cats.

"I WAS trying to knit."


9. We are thankful for family.

"the human has had a puppy"


"yes, it is not like our puppies but it is still good" "

we will protect it"



10. We give thanks for cats, even when they are embarrassed of us.

11. Dogs are adorable and not always completely observant, and for that, we are thankful.

"He constantly thinks the screen door is closed, so we have to pretend to open it for him to come inside"


12. We are grateful for human who know their rightful place.

"The human has returned to resume his rightful place as cat furniture."


13. We give thanks for our children, who are cats.

"If Take Your Kid to Work day is November 14 when should I inform my co-workers with cat allergies to bring their medication that day?"


14. This chilly pup is grateful for blankies.

15. We are grateful when cats show us how beds are supposed to work. Thank you, cat.

16. Well, at least someone is grateful for snow.

17. And we are eternally thankful for snow zoomies.