20 Dogs Who Are Up To No Good

Here are 20 dogs who are not good boys and good girls.

1. They are so grounded.

Puppies pushing another puppy into a toilet
credit: Abraxxas

2. Very suspicious, indeed.

A dog who followed this person around and then ignored the person.
credit: Abraxxas

3. Something tells me this was not the plan.

Dog got stuck in between fence and wall.
credit: Abraxxas

4. "Awooooo."

Dog sitting on a fence like he's some kind of cat
credit: Abraxxas

That is the call of a dog who is up to no good.

5. "And how do you plan on getting me out of said chair?"

Great Dane sitting on a chair when he's not supposed to be sitting on a chair
credit: Abraxxas

6. This dog is terrible at customer service.

7. "It was like this when I got here."

8. "Oh, I was just putting money IN the purse."

Dog obviously trying to steal out of a purse
credit: Abraxxas

"... you know, just in case Grandma wanted to buy me some treats or something."

9. "I do not know what you are talking about hooman."

10. This seems harmless, but I don't know ....

11. "Well, hello ...."

Dog jumping on a lady
credit: Abraxxas

12. Clever.

13. This is what I'd consider low key up to no good.

14. Doggo pulling an E.T.

Dog hiding in a bunch of stuffed animals
credit: Abraxxas

15. Hmmm.

Dog hiding from the mess he made
credit: Abraxxas

16. NO GOOD.

Ends of a chewed up bone look like ballsacks
credit: Abraxxas

No. Good.

17. What are you up to, dog?

Dog with a cute and sneaky look on her face!
credit: Abraxxas

18. "Hello hooman is that food I am hungry and love food."

Dog sticking his face through a guys legs because he has food
credit: Abraxxas

"Please give me the food please now."

19. Subtle.

Dog sticking his head out from underneath a fence
credit: Abraxxas

20. Someone is definitely up to no good.

Sneaky little chihuhua with sneaky eyebrows drawn on his face
credit: Abraxxas