18 Endlessly Hilarious Animal Photos Guaranteed To Make Your Heart Cheer

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We recommend enjoying these pictures slowly. Savor them like a fine wine. Cheers!

1. Contemplating life's difficult questions.

2. "Catherine if your mother said no, it's no. coming to me won't change anything."

But daaaaad...


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

3. Fun fact: wolves love watermelon (or at least this one does).

4. "Welcome home, your highness."

5. Raccoon gets an appropriate cuddle buddy.

6. There are two kinds of horses in this world ...

7. The cutest mess ever.

8. "My dog uses other dogs as beds"

Only the fluffiest of mattresses will satisfy him.


9. When you take your first philosophy class and realize the self is a construct.

10. "This finger is mine now."

11. "He might not be the best driver, but he's still a good boy"

He's trying, OK?


12. We would listen to this radio show every single day.

13. "You'll pay for this, human."

14. A great battle is waged!

15. "What? I already had a perfectly good bed."

16. Somebody turned 3 today!

17. The moment the vacuum comes out.

18. This is why we can have nice things.