26 Cats Just Hanging Out In Windows

The only thing better than window shopping is window cat-ing.

1. A warm window snooze.

Chubby cat sleeping a window.
credit: Tumblr

2. ♫ Spider-cat, spider-cat ♫

Cat climbing a window screen.
credit: Reddit

3. "Care to join me for a cuppa?"

Cat in a window.
credit: Tumblr

4. Those toe beans are outstanding.

Cat in a window pressing its paw to the glass.
credit: Tumblr

5. "Trophy cat, how clever. I've never heard that one before."

Cat in the window of a trophy shop.
credit: Tumblr

6. Contemplating revenge (it's best served cold).

7. A serious cat for a serious job.

Cat in a window with a sign that says "Guard cat on duty."
credit: Tumblr

8. Meanwhile, there's this slacker.

Cat asleep in a window with a sign that says "Beware! Guard cat on duty."
credit: Tumblr

9. "Whoa!"

10. An intimate moment.

Two cats kissing in a window.
credit: Tumblr

11. "High five!"

Cat pressing its paw against a window.
credit: Tumblr

12. "Yes, I'm perfectly comfortable, thank you."

Cat tangled in window blinds.
credit: Imgur

13. Collecting data for the neighborhood watch.

Cat looking sneakily out a window.
credit: Tumblr

14. Dreaming of tuna and chin scritches.

Happy-looking cat sleeping on a windowsill.
credit: Reddit

15. Classy cat is classy af.

Rag doll cat in a window with a fancy painting.
credit: Tumblr

16. The perfect spot for bird watching.

Cat in a window looking up.
credit: Tumblr

17. "What, you've never seen a cat in a window before? Scram!"

Cat in a window meowing angrily.
credit: Tumblr

18. Accidental impressionist painting cat.

Cat through textured glass window.
credit: Reddit

19. "I wish they'd clean this window."

Cat looking through dirty window.
credit: Tumblr

20. Bonus pug!

Cat and pug looking through window.
credit: Tumblr

21. "When will my husband return from war?"

Cat look somberly out window.
credit: Tumblr

22. Pretty good camouflage.

Cat curled up with stuffed animals.
credit: Tumblr

23. "If you have to ask, you can't afford it."

Cat in window with two gargoyle statues.
credit: Tumblr

24. "I'm surrounded by idiots."

25. Basement cat is judging your taste in shoes.

Cat looking out of basement level window
credit: Tumblr

26. Now THIS is the life.

Cat in a hammock attached to window.
credit: Reddit