21 Dogs Just Hanging Out On Roofs For Some Reason

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These dogs are not professional roofers, but they are professional woofers, and that's close enough.

1. "Come join me!"

2. Seriously, wtf?

giphy embed

3. Surveying the kingdom.

4. Very grateful doggo thanks rescuer.

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5. Looking to start a conversation with the neighbors?

6. This is not better.

7. You'll never see these guard dogs coming.

8. "Yes, I had a very nice time, thank you."

9. Keep driving. Nothing to see here.

10. These two are more in the roof than on it.

11. Start small.

12. "I'm grounded for a week, but it was worth it."

13. How???

14. "Oh... you're home early."

15. "Mom! Don't forget to buy me canned fooooooood!"

16. Majestic woofer.

17. "I really ought to have someone look at these shingles before the rainy season."

18. Just turn around, dude.

19. Well, you can't beat the view.

20. ♫  "The cold never bothered me anyway!"  ♫

21. "Uh... now what?"