23 Cats With Very Important Jobs

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These career-oriented work cats take their crafts very seriously, and you should too.

1. Contractor cat can give you a great deal on new drywall.

2. Trucker cat has been all over this country and has some real tales to tell.

3. "My cat stole a sausage from a neighbors grill and brought it home."

This kitty is bringing home the bacon. Sort of.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

4. This kitty will be assisting with your CAT scan today.

5. Tech support kitty needs to tell you about the importance of cable management.

6. Rail yard cat is looking forward to a hot shower and a pint with the boys.

7. Bouncer kitty isn't going to start trouble but will certainly finish it, okay?

8. "It's not easy job, but I like working with my paws."

9. Restaurant cat is sorry to tell you that this table is reserved.

10. "You're putting it in upside down."

11. Warehouse cat makes sure every shipment goes out on time.

12. Supervisor cat is keeping a close eye on the newbie.

13. This kitty is Senior Pest Controller at Huddersfield Station (for real)!

14. The moral here: Don't mess with cats because the community has their back.

15. The IT kitties want to know who messed with the printer settings this time.

16. Cashier kitty suggests you make it a combo meal for just a dollar more.

17. "I gave you a week to do this project, and this is what you came up with?"

18. Handy cat doesn't need instructions.

19. Data analyst cat is crunching the numbers.

20. Telecommuting cat thought working from home would be more fun.

21. Chef cat has to make sure the fish for tonight's special is fresh.

22. Mechanic kitty is going to make your engine purr.

23. This kitty is probably going to get fired.