20 Dogs With Very Important Jobs

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These dogs work hard for the money, so hard for it, honey. They work hard for the money, so you better give them treats.

1. Science dog does a science.

2. Pizza delivery dog didn't even steal a single pepperoni (and will accept tips in the form of pepperoni).

3. Jockey pup is putting the horse through its paces.

4. "Meet Jax. He's the Official Stamp Licker at the Post Office in the Scottish village of Portree on the Island of Skye. He works every day where he attentively waits for customers who can approach for a free stamp lick at his counter."

5. Liquor store dog is going to need to see some ID.

6. Crossing guard dog wants to make sure everyone gets home safe.

7. Talk fast, because this dog is not working pro bone-o.

8. Some say this artist dog is the next Jackson Pawlock.

9. Construction worker dog thinks everything looks good down here.

10. "What are you looking for? Daggers? Scimitars? Épée?"

11. Corporate pup is ready for your annual performance review.

12. "Happy Birthday Officer Cheeseburger. This hard working puper deserves a day off."

13. Emergency response team dogs arrive at the scene pronto.

14. Police pup has your back.

15. Helicopter pilot dog is ready for adventure!

16. Motion capture dog doesn't know what's going on, but is excited to be helping.

17. It's bring your dog's dog to work day!

18. Trust in Biscuit to boost morale.

19. Fruit selling dog will accept money or pats.

20. Executive dog is ready to shake on it.


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