25 Before and After Photos of Kittens All Grown Up

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All kittens become cats, which is totally fine. Because as far as we're concerned, cats are 100 percent as awesome as kittens.

1. Look at that sweet mug.

2. OK, this got awkward.

3. Her abilities as a sous chef have greatly improved.

4. A lifetime of peaceful snoozing.

5. This kitten bun has risen into a very nice cat loaf.

6. A little doubtful at first, a lot skeptical now.

7. Must be a h*cking comfortable bed!

8. Kitty long legs.

9. It's unusual for a kitten to be born with a full mustache, but apparently it can happen.

10. "Time is just, like, a construct ... you know?"

11. Little kitter transformed into majestic floofer.

12. You're going to have to let him walk on his own eventually.

13. "Korin from 12 weeks to just over a year (including a size comparison)"

14. "3 months to 5 years"

15. "Floki when he first came to our family (we found him abandoned at around 2 months old) to when he was about one year old."

What a goof.

16. "Oliver is a very demanding cat. I’ve learned to be his servant over the last 11 years. He has to go on nightly walks like a dog because I travel."

17. Still trying to figure out why a human would subject themselves to a bath.

18. Some things never change.

19. Goth kitty is still sporting that black lipstick.

20. So. Much. Fluff!

21. This kitten leveled up.

22. Lowercase c to uppercase C.

23. Wait, we thought vampires didn't age...

24. Chubby cheeks: still cute.

25. "If it still fits, I still sits."


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