18 Cats and Dogs Who Are So Over It Right Now

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These cats and dogs are mad as heck, and they're not going to take it anymore. The revolution starts now!

1. When your human decides to take up jogging at the crack of dawn.

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2. "Toffee was mad that he couldn't fit in the kitten house so he squished it"

"If I can't fits, no one sits."

3. This is the fourth selfie TODAY.

4. "How is it that this drivel gets published, and no one will even look at my manuscript?"

5. "This is not the kind of walkies I agreed to."

6. "Nobody does catnip anymore. They're all on CBD oil."

7. When your human keeps making bad life choices and you can't say anything because you're a dog.

8. "You threw the stick, YOU fetch it"

Enough is enough.


9. "What the hell, dude?"



10. "This toy looks like it came from a dumpster. Do I look like a cat that plays with dumpster toys? Do I?"

11. When your human thinks a little rain is enough reason to leave the dog park.

12. When the third person in a row asks you if they need to sign in.

13. "I am going to purchase a lawn just to tell you to get off of it."

Revenge is a dish best served green.


14. "Wow, great story."

15. It was pretty funny the first time.

16. "You know what you did."

17. When you realize that your hobby doesn't give you the excitement that it used to.

18. "When you touch your cat's belly and she isn't happy about it at all"

"Excuse you."