17 Cats Being Mean for No Good Reason

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These adorable little psychopaths are making all sorts of trouble, but we can't stay mad at them. Look at their adorable, fuzzy, murderous faces!

1. "It was like this when I got here."

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2. Just a little love nibble.

3. Don't mess with her kill.

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4. Maybe now you'll stop putting plants on the cat's windowsill.

5. DiNgO vIciOUsLy MaUleD bY LiOn

6. The rest of the house ran out of soft.

7. That's what you get for breathing wrong.

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8. Tread carefully.

9. "Shoddy craftsmanship. You're welcome."

10. "Your poison spray cannot deter me, human!"

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11. Cats love hazing the new guy.

12. "Good luck finding the one I ate, sucker."

13. "Finders, keepers."

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14. That must be some hecking awful dog food.

15. And there goes flat screen TV #3.

16. "No dogs allowed."

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17. "Just making sure you're still alive."

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