20 GIFs That Will Remind You Why You Love Dogs

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The great thing about watching a GIF of a dog is that it's one step closer to petting a dog than a regular photograph.

1. Water, water, everywhere, but why pupper no can drink??

2. Boing, boing, boing.

3. This dog has a very important message for you.

4. "Special delivery coming through! Everybody, out of the way! Emergency ice cream!"

5. So gentle, so pure ;___;

6. "Why do a yoga when can do a play with doggo?"

7. Beeeeeach Daaaaaaaay!

8. "I'm done. If you want the ball so bad, you can go get it yourself."

9. Watermelonomnomnom.

10. "Hey, what's you watching?"

11. "Look what I can do!"

12. How can anyone be sad when this dog exists?

14. "Did I do it? Did I win?"

15. This pose is known as upward facing dog for obvious reasons.

16. "Help! I forgot where the brakes are!"

17. Best welcoming party ever.

18. This is what giving it your all really looks like.

19. "There's plenty of room in this town for both of us, friend!"

20. Find a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life.


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