22 Cats and Dogs with the Most Squishable Faces

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If your pet has floppy skin, then the urge to smoosh it into hilarious positions can be overpowering. Seriously, why would they have squishy faces if we weren't meant to squish them?

1. Behold! The squish!

2. Squishy smile.

3. Not-so-smiley squish.

4. "Yes, squish behind ears too please."

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5. Why need eyes when can do a squish?

6. Don't let go unless you want this dog to dribble adorably onto the floor.

7. "Human ... why you do a squish?"

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8. Much squish, very fuzz, wow.

9. Quick, do a squish while she's sleeping!

10. "Ahh, that's the spot."

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11. Proper squish results in very satisfying tongue blop.

12. Such a soothing squish.

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13. Dual-purpose squish allows for inspection of teefies.

14. Who's the squishiest? Is it you? It might be.

15. Kitty doesn't mind a little squish every now and then.

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16. Asymmetrical squish.

17. Such a fluffy squish!

18. Ooh, some competition for fluffiest squish.

19. At least 20 percent squish, guaranteed.

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20. Doggos doing each other a squish!

21. Just so irresistibly squishy!

22. The most patient squish of all time.

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