Just 21 Dogs Looking Rad in Hats

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There's nothing better than a fetching chapeau to turn a good looking dog into a great looking dog.

1. Ooh la la! Très chic, non?

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2. Look how happy she is about her hat!

3. Lumberjack doggo knows safety comes first.

4. Such a dapper gentleman.

5. There's a new sheriff in town.

6. Samuel L. Dogson takes his hats very seriously.

7. "OK, I'm wearing the hat. Now where are my tacos?"

8. It's a party! Hats all around!

9. Now this is a dog with style.

10. You can almost hear him reminiscing about the good old days.

11. "Happy St. Pawtricks Day!"

12. Hipster dog wants to know if those treats are gluten free.

13. "Hah! You thought I was bee, but am actually pupper! Done you a bamboozle!"

14. Fact: everyone looks better in a sparkly pink cowboy hat.

15. Avast! Thar be cuteness ahead!

16. Finally, some good news.

17. This hat thing seems a little shady.

18. Looking fly as heck!

19. The gritty reboot of "Cat in the Hat" went in a very different direction from the original.

20. So stealthy.

21. Well, isn't that nice?