Just 20 Puppies Wearing Backpacks

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What do these dogs have in their backpacks? We can only guess. Water, probably. Treats. Sticks. Smuggled antiquities and hacker laptops. You know, all the typical backpack stuff.

1. Ready for adventure!

2. "And it's one of my favorite accessories!"

3. Sorry, buddy, that stick is a little too big to take home.

4. "Wait, I have to carry my own stuff the whole time?"

5. He's not exactly a St. Bernard, but we'd let him rescue us any day.

6. "OK, I think I'm ready to go. How's my hair?"

7. There's nothing wrong with being a little nervous on your first day of school.

8. "Did I just hear someone say H-I-K-E?"

9. BFFs (Backpack Friends Forever)

10. "Do I look majestic? I feel majestic."

11. "Yes, mom, I remembered to pack my toothbrush."

12. He'll grow into it.

13. Backpacks: What can't they carry?

14. Puggerino with a baggerino.

15. "It's for my gym clothes, obviously."

16. She packed her duck; so she's good to go.

17. What kind of dog is this?

18. TFW your mom makes you get up early on the first day of school so she can take a bunch of pictures.

19. Penguin onesie and a penguin backpack? Now, that's style.

20. It'll be too small for her in about five minutes, but until then: awwww!


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