18 Heartwarming Pictures of Animals and Their Unlikely BFFs

Somehow, these animals made friendships that transcend the boundaries of species. They looked past one another's physical differences and found a kindred spirit underneath, and they didn't let fear get in the way of making a connection. Does anyone else feel genuinely kind of inspired?

1. You know what they say about birds of a feather.

Dog and duck.
credit: Instagram

2. Badgers and foxes make unexpectedly delightful companions.

3. Such gentle snoot booping.

Dog and deer
credit: Imgur

4. "Was hanging out with cat fren, when suddenly found new bug fren! Best day ever!"

Dog with bug on its nose
credit: Imgur

5. They don't have much to talk about, but they get along anyway.

6. "This is great. We should do lunch more often."

7. Mountain dog, river dog.

8. Woof?

Cat and turtle eating side by side
credit: Reddit

9. Cuddles and nibbles.

10. "OK, this time you pretend to be the cat, and I'll be the human trying not to trip on you."

Dog and bunny
credit: Tumblr

11. "Who's your best friend?"

12. Buns like this are a total chick magnet. (Sorry.)

Bunny and chick
credit: Reddit

13. "IDK if we're doing this right, but I'm having fun!"

14. That look of longing...

Dog and bunny
credit: Reddit

15. Trying to be smooth at the end of the first date like

16. "Oh, duckling, no one understands me like you do."

Gorilla and duckling
credit: Reddit

17. She's a good friend, even if she's a little bit of a bully.

18. "Somehow all my selfies turn out great when I'm with you."

Goat and turkey
credit: Reddit