Looking to Adopt? Police and Service Dogs Who’ve Failed Their Tests Make the Best Pets

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Dogs are amazing creatures. Not only are they naturally a perfect fit for the job of being man's best friend, many are also all-stars at other jobs too. From working in law enforcement to helping people with disabilities, dogs can be trained to do a variety of very important jobs. But not every dog is qualified for every job; sometimes even the best good boys and good girls don't quite make the cut when it comes to training for the most demanding tasks.


What happens to service and working dogs who fail their tests?

So what happens to the pups who fail out of these highly-specialized training programs? They go on to have amazing lives as some of the best, most well-trained pets ever. You can adopt one into your family today!


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According to People, the TSA and many organizations that train service dogs have programs to adopt out the pups that don't quite qualify for a life of service. These dogs might not have exactly what it takes to work with police or people with disabilities, but they're usually still very well-trained and eager to please, making them incredible pets.


How to adopt dogs who've failed their TSA, police or service tests?

Failed working dogs aren't the only pups from these programs that are in need of forever homes. Even dogs have to retire from their jobs eventually, and when police, TSA and service dogs can no longer perform the duties they're needed for, they're re-homed to live out the rest of their days with loving families. Organizations like Mission K9 and Service Dogs Inc. help match these retired working dogs with families who will love and care for them through their final days.


These dogs have undergone extensive training and tend to be very well-behaved. If that makes them sound extra appealing to you, know that you're not alone. The demand to adopt failed and retired working dogs is high and often involves sitting for years on a waiting list before a dog becomes available.


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