17 Cats and Dogs Who Regret Their Life Choices

Somewhere along the line, these pets made a decision that led them down a dark path. Now they have to wait until their humans are done laughing and taking photos to put on the internet.

1. How could Misty have known that the couch cushions disguised a treacherous pit of quicksand?

Cat sinking into couch cushions.
credit: Twitter

2. Sledding is great!

Dog falling off sled.
credit: Reddit

3. Don't try this at home.

Dog standing on top of chain link fence.
credit: Reddit

4. "We will never speak of this again. Do you understand?"

Cat stuck in window blinds.
credit: Reddit

5. Hard to say who regrets this more.

Cat with lizard hanging onto its nose.
credit: Adela Sirghie

7. "You're telling me they let children do this?"

Pug going down slide.
credit: Reddit

8. Intelligence is a subjective concept.

Border Collie stuck in a clothes hanger.
credit: Reddit

9. "Your hammock is broken."

Dog stuck in a hammock.
credit: Reddit

10. "Why do they call it a beanbag if there aren't any beans in it?"

Cat covered in polystyrene stuffing.
credit: Imgur

11. The battle was lost, but the Great Slinky War is not over.

Cat with a slinky on its head.
credit: Reddit

12. That was the last time he ever ate their tuna.

Dog looking scared by two cats.
credit: Reddit

13. Hang in there...

Cat hanging onto the frame of a door.
credit: Reddit

14. "Not sure where I went wrong here."

Dog stuck on stair railing.
credit: Imgur

15. It's all fun and games until the tide rolls in.

Dog stuck on rock surrounded by water.
credit: Bored Panda

16. Yeah, there's no way this ends well.

Cat stuck on door frame
credit: Imgur

17. "I thought it would be worth it. It wasn't."

Dog with its head covered in mud.
credit: Reddit