20 Dogs Who Love Snow So Flipping Much

These dogs have been waiting all year for their favorite season to arrive. Now it's here, and some of them are going a little bit nuts.

1. Whee!

Dog pulling sled through snow.
credit: Reddit

2. #huskyownerproblems

Dog napping in snow.
credit: Reddit

3. "Come on, human, we don't have all day!"

4. Powdered Dognut

Curled up dog dusted with snow.
credit: Reddit

5. Winter is the best.

6. Dignity? There's no time for dignity!

Boxer with a floppy face running through snow
credit: Reddit

7. "I don't know what just happened, but I'm still having fun!"


Excited dog running through snow
credit: Reddit

9. We got a corgi of snow yesterday, and the forecast says we'll get another corgi and a half by tomorrow.

10. "Does it has a flavor?"

Dog licking snow off its tongue.
credit: Reddit

11. Pretty sure this is a perfume commercial.

12. "You better have a good reason for interrupting our nap, human."

13. Magic is real.

Puppy looking at snow
credit: Imgur

14. Cuddling with snow: it's not easy, but someone has to try.

Dog rolling in snow
credit: Imgur

15. Got an energetic pup and a ton of time on your hands? Here's a project for you.


Puppy running through snow
credit: Imgur

17. It's not winter until you've rolled your entire body in snow.

18. A brand new spin on the fake throw.

Dog trying to catch a snowball
credit: Reddit

19. Are you sure this isn't a polar bear?

White dog laying in snow
credit: Reddit

20. "OK, that was fun, but I'm ready for hot cocoa by the fireplace now."