21 Puppies That Are Unbelievably Adorable

Have you received your daily recommended dosage of cute? Doctors suggest at least five servings of squee to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but there's no harm in a little extra.

1. "Excuse me?"

Puppy tilting its head to the side.
credit: Imgur

2. The perfect road trip buddy.

Puppy in the passenger's seat of a car.
credit: Reddit

3. Message received loud and clear.

4. My, what big ears you have!

Puppy with big ears.
credit: Tumblr

5. Boop his snoot for good luck.

Puppy with a mark like a four leaf clover on its nose.
credit: Reddit

6. Plop!

7. Feeling shy?

Puppy hiding its face behind its paws.
credit: Reddit

8. Nom away, little buddy!

9. She has concerns about this "leash" thing.

Puppy on a leash looking concerned.
credit: Reddit

10. Wheeee!

11. The literal definition of puppy dog eyes.

Puppy with big brown eyes.
credit: Reddit

12. Look at this little potato.

13. Thinking deep puppy thoughts.

Puppy looking contemplative.
credit: Reddit

14. Proceed with extreme caution.

15. Next up: applying for graduate school.

Smiling puppy next to puppy school graduation diploma.
credit: Reddit

16. That tummy looks so soft we want to cry.

17. "I don't know what's happening, but I'm excited about it!"

18. This puppy has very good taste in toys.

Puppy holding a chew toy shaped like a piece of pizza.
credit: Imgur

19. Already the goodest boy.

20. "No! No! Stop! Wait, don't stop."

21. "You know what? Stairs are hard. I'm gonna finish this later."

Puppy sitting on stairs.
credit: Reddit