19 Super Relatable Cat Memes

There's a reason that cats became the unofficial mascot of the internet. It's because when we look deep into a cat's eyes, we see something of ourselves gazing back. It's also because cats are cute and funny.

1. It happens to the best of us.

Confused cat. When you enter a room and forget what you wanted to do.
credit: Imgur

2. Prepare for hibernation.

Kitten wrapped in blanket. Me at the slightest hint of cold weather.
credit: Instagram

3. So many cats, so little time.

Man in recliner covered with sleeping cats. Friend: hey lets hang out. Me: sorry have to work, very busy.
credit: Instagram

4. Mistakes were made.

Cat strapped to back of man rock climbing. When u go with the flow and end up in a terrible situation
credit: Instagram

5. Autoplay is not your friend.

Cat labeled 'me' hiding from other cat labeled 'literally anything productive' behind blanket labeled 'Netflix'
credit: Reddit

6. Heeeeere's kitty!

Cat breaking through bathroom door. When your cat realizes you're in the bathroom without them
credit: Reddit

7. Help?

Cat sitting on open hood of car. When your car breaks down and you don't know about cars, so you just sit on the side of the road like
credit: Instagram

8. Try to picture something cozier. You can't.

Two cats cuddling in bed with a laptop. Relationship goals we can all agree on
credit: Imgur

9. The fastest way to literally anyone's heart.

Picture of cat getting fed next to picture of happy cat.
credit: Reddit

10. The cat does not find this remotely funny.

Cat covered in remote controls.
credit: Instagram

11. Better than any soap opera.

Cat with popcorn
credit: Instagram

12. It's been nice knowing you.

Cat laying on lap of Halloween skeleton.
credit: Cheezburger

13. On second thought...

Cat closing its mouth.
credit: Twitter

14. That sinking feeling.

Cat looking concerned.
credit: Twitter

15. Just think pawsitive thoughts.

Cat holding person's finger with its paws.
credit: Tumblr

16. And they say dogs are a man's best friend.

Cat looking at owner
credit: Reddit

17. What does "market price" actually mean?

Cat sitting at table with fancy meal
credit: Reddit

18. "Quick, how's my hair?"

Cat holding its legs in weird positions.
credit: Twitter

19. Yes, it really is this easy.

Kitten tangled in yarn.
credit: Reddit