19 Super Relatable Cat Memes

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There's a reason that cats became the unofficial mascot of the internet. It's because when we look deep into a cat's eyes, we see something of ourselves gazing back. It's also because cats are cute and funny.


1. It happens to the best of us.

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2. Prepare for hibernation.

3. So many cats, so little time.

4. Mistakes were made.

5. Autoplay is not your friend.

6. Heeeeere's kitty!

7. Help?

8. Try to picture something cozier. You can't.

9. The fastest way to literally anyone's heart.

10. The cat does not find this remotely funny.

11. Better than any soap opera.

12. It's been nice knowing you.

13. On second thought...

14. That sinking feeling.

15. Just think pawsitive thoughts.

16. And they say dogs are a man's best friend.

17. What does "market price" actually mean?

18. "Quick, how's my hair?"

19. Yes, it really is this easy.