22 Cats Who Are Definitely Going To Destroy That Christmas Tree

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'Tis the season to put up Christmas trees! These cat owners probably should have waited to decorate theirs, because their cats are going to bring it down as soon as their human leaves the room.

1. "It's so beautiful. I must ruin it."

2. Soon... soon...

3. "Time to wreck the - oh, hey, there's a bug on the ceiling!"

4. "That's a nice tree you've got. Would be a shame if something were to happen to it."

5. Eat it, or climb it? Tough decisions.

6. Pre-attack calibration.

7. "Oh, hey. You're home early."

8. To destroy the tree, you must become the tree.

9. "I meant to do that."

10. (tearing up) "I can't wait to knock this over"

11. "I should not have taken that nip before I came in here."

12. Christmas? Bleh.

13. "How am I supposed to tip this thing over?"

14. "Once I defeat this bauble, the others will surely fall in line."

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15. "Move along, human. This doesn't concern you."

16. This time they've gone too far.

17. First attempt was met with mixed success.

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18. "Curses! Foiled again!"

19. Initial reconnaissance is promising.

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20. "I haven't decided what havoc to unleash, but trust me, it will be immense."

21. "The socks bring out my eyes, you say? Hmm. Perhaps your tree will be spared."

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22. "Alright, human. You win this round."