A Sneak Peak at Santa Paws' Naughty and Nice List

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The holiday season is here, which means that it's time for Santa Paws to visit all of his favorite puppies to bring them all their holiday gifts. However, not all dogs are going to get all the presents on their wishlist, because Santa Paws keeps a naughty and nice list.

The naughty dogs get skateboards or mailmen, while nice dogs get all their favorite toys and tricks.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

We've got here a sneak peek of some dogs on Santa Paws' naughty and nice list, because that's a level of cuteness we cannot pass up. So here we go.

'Twas the weeks before Christmas, in the snow and the mist, and Old Santa Paws was making his list. He checked through those dogs who were naughty and nice, and then he snacked on a chew toy before checking it twice...

Naughty list: Max

Image Credit: atwstudios/iStock/GettyImages

Though pillows were made for snuggling, cuddling and sleep, young Max, who always loved to play, wanted more. So he ripped and he shredded and he tossed and he tore, until he spread pillow stuffing all over the floor!


Nice list: Doug

Image Credit: ALEAIMAGE/iStock/GettyImages

Wee little Doug can oft' be found on a pillow, for the delicate pug needs a soft place to snuggle. Wherever a surface sits soft, cozy, and warm, you'll find him waiting for a nice little huggle.



Naughty list: Coco

Image Credit: cmannphoto/E+/GettyImages

All the bigger dogs seem to know what to do. They pee right outside, and it all seems so breezy. But it confused little Coco, she didn't know what do do. And going on the floor seemed quick and so easy!


Nice list: Codie

Image Credit: Chalabala/iStock/GettyImages

Codie the Lab loves a long, leisurely walk, but he would never scratch, beg, whine or pout. Instead, leash in his mouth, he waits by the door to let his humans know that he needs to go out.


Naughty list: Peanut

Image Credit: Gandee Vasan/Stone/GettyImages

His people wake up and sit in their chairs, drink coffee and read the paper each day. But little Peanut got to chewing, and, well, you see... who wants to read that boring stuff anyway?



Nice list: Goldie

Image Credit: Jim McGuire/Photolibrary/GettyImages

She dashes out each morn and sprints down the drive, whether the weather is fine or it's poor, she has a spring in her step though it was quite early, and she proudly brings the newspaper right to the door.


Naughty list: JoJo

Image Credit: Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision/GettyImages

His people were bustling making food for their feast, and he was sad that his breakfast was the usual canned meat, so he snuck up to the counter while all were away, and he stole some sweet pastries cuz he deserved a treat.

Nice list: Maggie

Image Credit: LightFieldStudios/iStock/GettyImages

Though some dream of people food and bacon galore, Maggie is quite content to munch on her kibble. So while some dogs will beg and whine for more treats, Maggie gobbles up all her food with nary a quibble.


Naughty list: Sully

Image Credit: ChristopherBernard/iStock/GettyImages

Sully's humans love gardens with flowers so bright, and all that he wanted was to get in on the dig. But with two shattered pots and so many dead plants, Sully finally realized that he messed things up big.

Nice list: Bessie

Image Credit: Kanashi/iStock/GettyImages

Bessie the Collie loves to frolic outside, and when she's out in the sun no day can be sour. She runs off leash and always stays within sight, but she's sweetest when she's caught smelling a flower.

Naughty list: Pogo

Image Credit: Helioscribe/iStock/GettyImages

Pogo can't be trusted when he's left home alone, so his humans thought the bathroom was a safe spot for sure. But Pogo didn't take well to his humans leaving without him, so he gnawed and he chewed a hole right through the door.


Nice list: Misty

Image Credit: mahoneyimages/iStock/GettyImages

When her people go out, Misty loves so much to nap. She keeps up a watch for disturbance or theft. But otherwise, she just snoozes making no trouble at all, so when her humans come home, things are just as they left.

Naughty list: Buttercup

Image Credit: Martin Poole/DigitalVision/GettyImages

Little Buttercup loves to trot through the house, she makes sure to pace her way through every room. But when her people were painting, she did not relent, and her painted paws spelled no end of doom.

Nice list: Lightening

Image Credit: alexei_tm/iStock/GettyImages

Lightning is happiest when he's playing outside. He loves to play fetch and run like the wind. He burns energy out of doors, so when he gets back in, he's calm and polite, and that is the end.

Naughty list: Sparky

Image Credit: Sasha Gulish/Image Source/GettyImages

Sparky loves to chew paper, it gives him a thrill, and one day he discovered toilet paper. Now often when someone is looking for this pup, he can be found all wrapped up in his latest caper.

Nice list: Bella

Image Credit: Apple Tree House/DigitalVision/GettyImages

Bella's the best German Shepherd there is. She goes to her training class every Wednesday. She used to chew everything all over the house, now she rarely does anything that causes dismay.

Naughty list: Noodles

Image Credit: TerryJ/E+/GettyImages

Noodles knows he has a problem with shoes. Chewing them gives him a joy no one could measure. Though he's tried bones, bullys and toys galore, he's never found a taste he likes more than leather.

Nice list: Muffin

Image Credit: Sally Anscombe/DigitalVision/GettyImages

Muffin loves to play it's her favorite thing. Tugging or fetching – it all brings her joy. But Muffin knows the things that she must leave alone, and she'd never destroy something that wasn't her toy.

Naughty list: Wolfie

Image Credit: Jay P. Morgan/Photolibrary/GettyImages

Wolfie's little human was turning six years old, and when he thought of the party the joy made him shake. But his enthusiasm may have been a little too much, cuz he hopped on the table and sat right in the cake.