How to Make A Cozy Nook For Your Pet When You Live in a Small Space

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If you're a cat or dog owner who lives in a small apartment or house, it can sometimes feel impossible to make a space just for your pet. Luckily, it isn't! There are plenty of ways to help make a cozy little nook to help your pet feel safe and comfortable, even if you don't have a ton of square footage.


Here are four creative ways to make a sweet little spot for your pet, using the space you have.

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1. Window ledge

You don't have to rely on your building to have a ready spot for your pet to stare out the window guarding their domain. You can buy attachable shelves (from Amazon or your local pet supply store) that you can pad with soft things, like blankets or a small pillow, for your cat or small dog!


There are shelves that attach underneath too the wall, but there are also ones that attach right to the window! Just make sure not to load the shelf with too much bedding, or it might be too heavy with the added weight of your cat or dog. A thin pillow or small blanket should do fine if you want make it softer for your four-legged friend.


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2. Functional furniture alcove

Not enough space to add a table and a dog bed? No problem! Get a table or coffee table, and build a little doggy rest spot underneath, like this one on Decoist. Just put down a small pillow or some blankets, and consider adding an old sweatshirt of yours. (There's nothing cats and dogs love more than something with your scent on it when they are relaxing.) Cats and dogs like to have a safe place to curl up in, which means if it's a piece of furniture that offers a top and some sides, your cat or dog will feel snug as a bug in a rug.


3. Bookshelf nookshelf

Can't fit more furniture into your home? No problem. If you already own a bookshelf, you can clear off a shelf just for your cat or small dog. For a small dog, clear the bottom shelf and line it with toys and flat, soft cushions. For cats, who love to climb, consider clearing a shelf that's a little higher up. As long as their cozy shelf isn't too far to jump to (maybe the second row up), you cat will love having a whole little section to themselves. You can store their catnip treats, some flat pillows, or just your nice old sweatshirt that they love to lie on top of.



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4. Nonfunctional fireplace = functional cozy spot

Do you have a fireplace or a small indented wall section that won't let you build an actual fire? Don't let it go to waste! Make it into a cozy nook for your pet, like this one on Offbeat Home. Your dog or cat will love curling up in that "useless" little wall indent. You can spring for a dog bed or cat bed that will fit perfectly inside, or you can simply use some old blankets to soften up the space. Put your pet's food and water bowls next to it, and of course, their favorite toys. Your dog or cat will be overjoyed to have a spot all to themselves.


Does your pet have a special little nook in your house? Tell us about it!


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