Just 22 Cats Reacting to Snow

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It's hard to explain snow to a cat. It's better (and funnier) to just let them experience it on their own.

1. On second thought...

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3. You can't have 'snow' without 'no.'

4. "Yeah, I'm pooping inside today."

5. These kittens are made of sturdier stuff than we are.

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6. "Get it off! Get it off!"

7. Truly a snow angel.

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8. Cold weather = time for snuggles.

9. Is it bugs? Is it water? What is it??

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10. "There better be hot cocoa after this."

11. Nope.

12. A Beginner's Guide to Starting a Snowball Fight

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13. "That's going to be a 'no' from me."

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14. Look before you leap, kids.

15. The perfect day starts with a nip of refreshing air, followed by a 'nip of a different sort.

16. "I don't know what kind of game you're playing, human, but I will not be involved."

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17. "Hmm, yes, a fitting tribute."

18. "Where does it all come from?"

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19. Still undecided.

20. "Follow me, I know the best sledding hill!"

21. "Do I eat it? Attack it? Cuddle it?"

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