33 Things All Pit Bull Lovers Know

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Scientifically speaking, pit bulls are the best breed—according to a pit bull lover who is not being honest about that science part. Pitties are, however, undeniably loving, loyal and hilarious dogs. Pit bull lovers know first hand that these barrel-chested buddies can convince you they're part human with their expressive eyes and life of the party personality. Here are a few more things pit bull lovers know.


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1. They make friends everywhere they go.

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2. They're not nuts about the vacuum.

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3. They know the word "cat" and they don't care for it.

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4. They're happy to wait while you look for your sunglasses that are on your head.

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5. They love to play in leaves.

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6. They look real sharp in a bowtie.

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7. They love the water!

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8. They're happy to wear the sweater you bought online at 2 am.

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9. They'll smile for photos.

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10. They will not understand why we can't go to the dog park twice today.

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11. They will begrudgingly pose for Christmas photos.

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12. They will win at tug-o-war every time.

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13. They will chase a squirrel any time, any day, anywhere.

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14. They're fantastic at agility courses.

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15. They love the snow.

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16. They'll take a boat to chase a squirrel if they have to, whatever it takes!

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17. They can keep a straight face in a round of "bet I can make you laugh."

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18. They can climb trees better than most bears.

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19. They're excellent at doing tricks... so long as you have a treat.

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20. If there's a flat surface, they will get on top of it.

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21. They tip over when they're sleepy.

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22. They know how to get table scraps.

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23. They're funnier than any comedian.

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24. They have a smile that can make even the worst day better.

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25. They love to play ball... on their terms.

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26. They will hog the entire bed.

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27. They sits where the human sits.

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28. If there's a table, they're going to get on top of it.

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29. They're incredible jumpers.

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30. They'll know they're in trouble, but also be kind of proud of themselves when they catch that squirrel.

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31. They know EXACTLY how to use the bed you got them.

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32. They don't understand why they can't quietly eat your dinner while you're answering the door.

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33. They will be the love of your life, and you'll never know how you lived without them.

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