15 Photos That Confirm What We Already Know: Pets Rule!

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Come this way for wholesome feels and funny vibes — that only cats and dogs can provide.

1. "My new ad blocker is working pretty good"

Proof that ad tech doesn't have to be complicated.


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2. "Was at the light and saw this good boye tire cover when who should appear, but the good boye himself."

When you catch a glimpse of a celebrity in a limo on their way to the Oscars.


3. "And that's how I met your Meowther"

Nothing to see here, carry on as you were.


4. "Just Narnia enjoying another beautiful day in the Yukon 🛶🌞"

Resigning myself to the fact that this pup goes on better adventures than I ever will.


5. "The best road trip partners just simply vibe and enjoy the ride"

When doggo really is your co-pilot.



6. "Sorry for the delay, folks. We've run into an obstacle on the runway. We may need to refuel before taking off"

This saucer-shaped flying object is unidentified but smells delicious.


7. "Me responding to my boss's request to stay late on a Friday"

100% nope.


8. "When you see the 6-year-old closing in for a hug and they have peanut butter all over their hands."

Commencing evasive takeover maneuvers in 3, 2, 1 ....


9. "They see me floatin’, they hatin’ / They wanna catch me glidin' dirty..."

It's the inflated motor that's really pulls this blessed image together. 🤣


10. "It feels like there’s no greater privilege than when a cat puts her head on your shoulder for a snooze. 💕"

There's truly nothing else like it.

11. "My sister is a vet tech and took my dog with her to work, I asked her how he was doing and she sent me this...."

Best. Job. Ever.

12. When life imitates art.

Just hang it in the Louvre already.

13. "My Mum vs 6 springer spaniel puppies"

Mood improvement: Unlocked!


14. "Not a thought in her head…"

It's empty like a new canvas.

15. "My niece got a puppy!"

My brain is about to melt. Too much cuteness overload!


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