15 Dorky Dogs Showing Off Their Goofy Grins

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Overbites, underbites, and snaggleteeth galore! These dogs are proof that you don't need perfect teeth to have a perfect smile.

1. When you accidentally adopt a cartoon character instead of a dog.

2. Absolute bliss.

3. "Thith ith my thexy thmile."

4. "When you get just the right spot."

5. It's not about how many toofers you have, but how you use them.

6. Wink!

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Image Credit: fine_lo_ren via Reddit


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

7. "Working at a dog daycare perk 657: Holly’s bottom teefers."

8. Ooh, ferocious.

9. "Sometimes her elevator doesn’t go all the way up."

10. "Our little baby yoda on her best friends 9th birthday party."

11. "Rescued this pup last week. Any time I talk to her or give her the smallest bit of attention she smiles and shows her toofers!"

12. "This is Cody. Everyone loves his toofers."

13. Good woofer, excellent toofers.

14. This is Theodore, short for Theodorable.

15. Middle school picture day vibes.


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