20 Dogs (And 1 Cat) Rocking Sweet As Heck Party Hats

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Ain't no party like a 100% un-Photoshopped dogs-wearing-hats party.


1. "You're doing amazing, sweetie."

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2. "Because party hats are basically just cones of shame worn higher on the head."

3. "There are cake goals and then there are #cakegoals."

4. "OMG dem two widdle toofers giv me lifeeeeeee!!!"

5. "Over. It."


7. "Happy Birthday, Biscuit and Buster!! We hope your day is as EXTRA as you are!! 🎉🎂❤️💯🙌"

8. "When you wake up after falling asleep with your shoes still on."

9. "Judges: 'We'll allow it.'"

10. "[50 Cent's 'In Da Club' blares in background]"

11. "I hereby call this meeting of the Stonebarkers to order."

12. "When you see them cutting the cake but you have to wait your turn."

13. "A wizard is never late."

14. "It's called fashion, and I lean into it."

15. "Too much cute RIP my feels 😭😭💕"

16. "Well worth the half hour effort it took to take this picture 😍💯🎉"

17. "It's almost time for my birthday party. Who's bringing the treats?"

18. "It’s my person’s birthday, but I don’t know why she feels the need to torture me for it 😒."

19. "There's always that one person 😂😂😂"

20. "Sorry, this is a list for dogs-in-party-hats, not fluffy-cloud-bears-in-party-hats."

21. "When you are 14 you get to celebrate HALF Birthdays!"


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