22 Dogs In Pajamas Who Are Crushing Coziness Goals

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Try doing this with a cat.

1. What did we ever do to deserve Shibes?

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2. "Are those available in a men's medium?" -- me, a jealous person who loves donuts just a tad too much

3. 17/10 dog lovers would sleepover party with this cutie pie.

4. If your heart isn't melting right now, are you even human?

5. Meet the newest graduates of the Handsome (Good) Boy Modeling School.

6. He woke up like this 🤷

7. "I only want to be horizontal today✌🏻"

8. Head tilt game: EXPERT

i only want to be horizontal today✌🏻

9. Because the only thing better than one dog in sleepwear is two.

10. New pajamas, who dis?

11. Commence with the tippy taps.

12. Wary, but willing to give what the people call "jammies" a chance.

13. When you try to grab a snack from the fridge in the middle of the night without your glasses.

14. Device will bork when charging is complete.

15. "I can make room on the couch if you want to sit next to me."

16. Did you know that we are legally obligated in 32 states to include at least one corgi in every list? It's true.

17. ⭐⭐ Gold star posing skills FTW! ⭐⭐


19. Not to be dramatic or anything but I would die for this dog.

20. Yes, that's a wiener-shaped pup rocking a hot dog print. Yes, dear reader, you're welcome.

21. Who amongst us hasn't stepped out in public in PJs? (BE HONEST)

22. Look's like someone is on paw-role (sorry not sorry) until they demonstrate better judgment around the foods.