19 Adorable Farm Animals That Will Make You Wish You Lived on a Farm

Just to be clear, when we say that these are funny farm animals, we mean that they're funny animals living on farms, not animals living on a funny farm.

1. A beautiful bovine blep.

Calf sticking out its tongue
credit: Instagram

2. What is she hiding?

3. True friendship.

4. Cow doing herself a cozy

Cow on a couch
credit: Reddit

5. Why would you run from this fluff pony?

6. "Synchronize your watches, gentlemen. This will be the oat heist of the century."

Horse, goat, and cow looking at each other
credit: Facebook

7. Just dogs being dogs.

8. Good luck finding a comfier place to sleep.

Baby goat sleeping on top of sheep
credit: Imgur

9. "Get yer own treats, horse face."

10. Cows are always up for a romp in the hay.

11. "Go ahead, you can pet the hooman if you want to."

12. If she fits, she sits.

Calf curled up in a wheelbarrow
credit: Instagram

13. Kinda cute, kinda gross.

14. Sunny snuggles.

15. Can't handle all that horsepower yet.

16. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Moobelline.

Child petting calf with long eyelashes.
credit: Reddit

17. Total chick magnet.

18. The best road trip buddy.

19. What a happy family!

Alpaca, baby alpaca, and chicken sitting in hay.
credit: Imgur