19 Heat-Seeking Devices Disguised as Cats

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Need to find the warmest spot in the house? Just follow the cat.

1. "This is my radiator. There are many like it, but this one is mine."

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2. Getting warm, or contemplating arson?

3. At last, a solution to the 'cat on keyboard' problem.

4. Right on top of the clean laundry, of course.

5. Odd couple, but who are we to judge?

6. You may place your tributes on the nightstand.

7. Clever girl.

8. Universal cat charger.

9. Gotta get that tum-tum nice and toasty.

10. The easiest way to know when dinner is ready.

11. Do not be fooled! This is not a belly rub invitation!

12. Make sure to rotate your cats every fifteen minutes to get an even finish.

13. So... how's your new office assistant working out?

14. "See that? That's the sun. Why can't you be more like the sun?"

"The sun understands me."

15. Little kitten? Or enormous laptop?

16. Grande catpuccino, extra hot.

17. Who needs catnip when you can stare into a lamp?

18. Why is this blanket purring?

19. Just another cat on the internet.