15 Incredibly Patient Dog Moms

Shout-out to all the moms out there. We have no idea why you put up with us, but we're very grateful.

1. "If I lay on top of them, will they go to sleep?"

2. Pup does mom a big monch.

Puppy biting dog's back leg
credit: Reddit

3. "Can I please go play? Pleeeease?"

Puppy looking at adult dog
credit: Imgur

4. The kids eat first.

5. Cherish these moments.

Adult dog with two sleeping puppies
credit: Imgur

6. The gentlest of headbutts.

Dog and puppy bumping heads.
credit: Tumblr

7. "Look at these! I made them myself!"

Dog with puppies.
credit: Facebook

8. ♫  Rock a bye, puppies...  ♫

9. If you want 101, you're going to have to wait until these ones go off to college.

Dalmatian with puppies.
credit: Reddit

10. "Is it just me, or are there more of you now?"

11. She's happy because she didn't have to give him a bath herself.

Dog with puppy in bath
credit: Reddit

12. "Mommm! Come onnnn!"

14. don't... move...

Sleeping puppy leaning against dog
credit: Imgur

15. Sometimes you have to lead by example.