16 Documentaries About Pets That You Can Stream Right Now

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Do you love pets so much that you never want to stop thinking about them, even when you're vegging out in front of the TV? Well, here are 16 documentaries about pets to watch right now if you want to be equal parts entertained, informed, and made to go "aww."

1. Dogs

This six-part documentary series is streaming on Netflix and there's a good chance all of your fellow animal-lovers have already been talking about it. Each episode will melt your cold, cold heart in a totally new way.



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2. Dogs on the Inside

This 2014 doc tells the touching story of the relationship between abandoned strays and prison inmates as both work for a second chance at life.

3. Animal Odd Couples

Do you love those short YouTube clips of animals who shouldn't be friends being the best of friends? Then you'll love this PBS documentary.


4. Second Chance Dogs

This ASPCA documentary "tells the story of one facility dedicated to giving abused and neglected animals another chance." Crying yet?

5. A Dog's Life

Nope, it's not a sequel to A Dog's Purpose. This doc is streaming on Netflix and gives you a look at what a normal day looks like through your dog's eyes.


6. The Lion in Your Living Room

Just in case you've ever forgotten that your cat has much bigger and wilder relatives, this doc, which shows the world through a house cat's eyes, will remind you.


7. The Champions

This emotional documentary follows the dogs rescued from NFL star Michael Vick's dog fighting ring.

8. Off the Chain

This doc is also about dog fighting, but with a focus on the evolution of the American Pit Bull Terrier in American culture.


9. Dog by Dog

You probably already know that puppy mills are evil, but this documentary hones in on the financial side of things and how puppy mills are tied to the agriculture industry and politics.



10. CATWALK: Tales From the Cat Show Circuit

This documentary "follows a group of contrasting personalities (judges and competitors) through the climax and conclusion of a season on Canada's competitive cat show circuit." So, yeah, kind of like a real life Best in Show, but with cats.


11. Pet Fooled

You care what you put in your dog's body, right? Well, this documentary looks at the dog food industry and just how unregulated it really is.

12. Parrot Confidential

Parrots are popular pets, but with their long lifespans, they often outlive their owners. What happens then? This PBS doc looks at just that.


13. Shelter Dogs

This heart-wrenching doc investigates the ethics of euthanizing animals. Have tissues handy.

14. Pick of the Litter

If you've ever wondered what goes into becoming a service animal, Pick of the Litter is up your alley. The movie follows a littler of puppies on their journey to train to help the blind.

15. Mine

This amazing documentary shares the true stories of dogs and their owners who were separated during Hurricane Karina.

16. Madonna of the Mills

This HBO doc follows Laura, a woman who has made it her personal mission to rescue retired puppy mill dogs who have been condemned to death.

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