20 Kittens Who Have Only Had 12 Hours of Sleep Today

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Some of these kittens have been awake for like, two whole hours now. No wonder they're so exhausted!

1. "I like these shoezzzzz..."

2. Fact: siblings make the best mattresses.

3. The music box has charms to soothe the savage beast.

4. "omg staaahp"

5. Cousin Vinny fell asleep on the porch again.

6. "I don't need a nap. You need a nap."

7. Video games are sooooo boring.

8. The sleepiest blep of all time.

9. TFW there's a two-hour meeting right after lunch.

"Could this have been an email?"


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

10. When the meeting is almost over, and someone asks a follow-up question.

Seriously, just send an email.


11. Totally meant to do that.

12. Play hard, sleep hard.

13. You'd be exhausted too, if you had to hold up a head this big.

14. The power of hypnotism.

15. "I wasn't sleeping! I was just hydrating my (closed) eyes."

16. Gotta sleep with one eye open when the teddy bear thieves are around.

17. It's hard work being the cutest, fiercest kitty in the jungle.

18. Even apex predators get tuckered out.

19. Naps all around!

20. "Perfect. No, wait - OK, perfect."


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