Pet Owners Are Sharing Pictures Of Their Dog Families And We're Melting

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Meanwhile, over at Facebook ....


"Can I see your dog family pics? I'll go 1st."

Video of the Day

"My boy's dad, my boy, and his grandmother. They stopped by on the way to a dog show."

"Skeptics: 'This is clearly one dog Photoshopped into five.' Me: 'DROP DEAD YOU INGRATE.'"

"When Mom insists you and your siblings look nice for church."

"Two parents and their three sons"

"My dads 'Shih Tzu crew'. The black one with the white on the chest passed away in January sadly. She was the goodest girl ❤️"

"Doin us an embrace"

"Took my baby girl to her first birthday party with all of her siblings. We even recreated their original puppy photo. 1000/10 would celebrate again."

"When your pack is about to drop the hottest mixtape of 2019."

(Judges: "We'll accept it.")


"Because the family that bandannas together is the family that stays together."

"Put this in a frame and hang it on the wall because this is what we call a 'keeper.'"

"Mum, dad and bub."

"Father, mother and six of nine siblings from two litters..... A Desi-lu Production"


"Moody teenage phase"

"From left to right: Maya. Max. Mars, and Winston. Winston is my boyfriend's dog but still part of our pack♡"

"I want more Huskies, but my other half says 'nope' and I'm BIG SAD 😭"

"No Room On The Couch For Me" a/k/a the title of my forthcoming biography. (Simon & Schuster, 2020)"

"Mack, Tucker and Ripley."

"You woke us up for a family portrait? REALLY MOM?!?"

"Saturday nights get crazy around these parts #cuddlepuddle #goals"

You scrolled this far? GOOD, because the grand finale is both grand and a finale.


Prepare yourself.

Brace for impact.

Final warning, death-by-cute and adorbs overloard is imminent, the next photo is not for the faint of heart.





[cue the Lindsay Lohan Mean Girls 'limit does not exist' GIF]




"How many dogs is too many dogs? 😋 Family Thanksgiving was fun this year!"

A sampling of the internet's best reactions to this 23-dog showstopper:


"Please tell me how I acquire this many pups"

"I think I've seen my future. 😂"

"How does one acquire 24 dogs? 🤔 Asking for science."

"Bruh hope someone's getting a new vacuum for Christmas bc I know yall destroyed the current one with this 😂"

" I would have actually gone to family Thanksgiving for this"

You can commence breathing again.