20 Dogs Who Just Can't Contain Their Excitement

These dogs are unbelievably stoked about whatever is happening, or is about to happen, or happened a minute ago. They can't help expressing their joy, and it's cute as heck.

1. This very good boy just heard someone call his name.

Dog running towards camera
credit: Instagram


Dog chasing ball
credit: Reddit

3. Boing boing boing

4. Totally normal.

Dog with its tongue sticking out
credit: Imgur

5. We're dizzy just from looking at this.

6. OMG RAIN: A Memoir

7. And the compelling sequel, OMG SNOW

8. So majestic.

Dog running in front of mountain landscape
credit: Reddit

9. Excited about life and also breakfast.

Dog smiling on its back
credit: Reddit

10. Behold: the most patient dog in the universe.

11. "Come on, human! Keep up!"

Happy dog running in a blur
credit: Reddit

12. Someone might be about to learn a lesson the hard way.

13. Release the hound!

Man holding excited dog
credit: Instagram

14. That's a lot of tongue to keep track of.

15. CHOMP.

Dog biting down on toy
credit: Reddit

16. Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.

Dog excited to see food
credit: Reddit

17. Hey, NBA scouts, are you seeing this?

18. Cute and a little terrifying.

Dog making a funny face while jumping in the air
credit: Reddit

19. Too excited for walkies to actually go on walkies.

20. Tackle hug incoming!

Dog on its back legs coming towards camera
credit: Reddit