18 Dorky Cats to Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Cats can be so poised and aloof, which means it's even funnier when they act like weirdos. These precious weirdos are sure to amuse and delight you.

1. Why.

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2. When you're a cat, literally anything is a bed.

3. So apparently candy canes taste like peppermint?

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4. "What's the password?"

5. Mind = blown.

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6. The ground is lava.

7. "Can't nobody hold me down"

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8. "Took my cat outside for the first time today"

9. Wiggle button activated.

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11. Guess you'll just have to work on a different corner.

12. "Hooman, why you cry?"

13. Wow, Gizmo. Really?

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14. "OK hooman, let's go rob a bank"

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15. They saw the opportunity and they took it.

16. The interior designer has spoken.

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17. "I'm terribly sorry, madam. I have no idea where he learned that word."

18. "Go away. I'm sleeping."

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