Just 18 Cats Doing Excellent Bleps

For the uninitiated, a blep is when a cat (or other animal, but usually a cat) leaves its tongue sticking out. It's ridiculous, and adorable, and we will never get sick of it.

1. A very dapper blep.

2. Congratulations, you found the blep button!

3. The "not supposed to be on the counter" blep

4. Sometimes you have to stop and blep the flowers.

5. We're approaching maximum blep.

6. The "go away, I'm napping" blep

7. Mama blep and baby blep.

8. That's a heckin' big blep!

9. Too sleepy to bother un-bleping.

10. "I stopped petting him mid lick and got this Blep! I think I broke him."

11. The bleps are contagious.

12. Hop, hop, hop, blep.

13. A blep-ing prodigy.

14. Beauty is in the eye of the blepholder.

15. Can't a cat blep in privacy around here?

16. The "I see a bird" blep

17. A fantastic blep with bonus toebeans.

18. Incoming blep! Brace for impact!