20 Totally Cunning Cat Burglars

Cats are naturally stealthy, and while there are those who use their sneaky paws for fun and games, there are others who have turned to a life of crime. What a shame.

1. "This mine now."

Cat tugging on blanket
credit: Tumblr

2. Perfect timing.

Cat stealing pizza
credit: Reddit

3. "Are you going to finish these tomatoes, or...?"

4. This is usually referred to as "casing the joint."

Cat sitting in birdhouse
credit: Facebook

5. Now, to steal some syrup...

Cat carrying frozen waffles
credit: Facebook

6. Got yer nose!

Cat taking carrot nose from snowman
credit: Flickr

7. A mighty need

Cats reaching for food
credit: Reddit

8. No one will notice just one fish missing, right?

9. There's a full bowl of the exact same food around the corner, but this is more fun.

Cat eating from bag of cat food
credit: Facebook

10. Like stealing candy from a baby. Kind of.

Cat grabbing fish from fishing pole held by toddler
credit: Reddit

11. "I found it like this."

Cat sitting next to a slice of ham
credit: Facebook

12. So sneaky. The sneakiest.

13. To steal the doughnut, you must become the doughnut.

Cat sitting in a doughnut box
credit: Facebook

14. "They look better on me."

Cat sleeping in a pair of jeans
credit: Imgur

15. It's the crime of the century.

16. Keep an eye on your toast.

Cat trying to steal a stick of butter
credit: Facebook

17. Enough money to buy tuna for days.

Cat taking money from purse
credit: Facebook

18. Hair ties are precious collectibles for cat burglars.

Cat stealing a hair tie
credit: Facebook

19. A whole different kind of cookie monster.

Cat stealing a cookie
credit: Reddit

20. "Sorry, pal - no witnesses."

Cats with empty ice cream carton
credit: Flickr