20 Totally Cunning Cat Burglars

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Cats are naturally stealthy, and while there are those who use their sneaky paws for fun and games, there are others who have turned to a life of crime. What a shame.

1. "This mine now."

2. "Captured the exact moment Jasmine stole my slice of pizza..."

3. "Are you going to finish these tomatoes, or...?"

4. This is usually referred to as "casing the joint."

5. Now, to steal some syrup...

6. Got yer nose!

7. A mighty need

8. "Stealing the iPad is payback for putting her in the cone of shame"

9. There's a full bowl of the exact same food around the corner, but this is more fun.

10. "Stealing my slippers every day"

11. "I found it like this."

12. "I get up for one minute"

13. To steal the doughnut, you must become the doughnut.

14. "They look better on me."

15. It's the crime of the century.

16. Keep an eye on your toast.

17. Enough money to buy tuna for days.

18. Hair ties are precious collectibles for cat burglars.

20. "Sorry, pal - no witnesses."


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