19 Of The Coziest Tucked In Kitties Ever

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Grab a blanket and settle in, because these pictures of cats getting their beauty sleep will definitely make you want to tuck yourself in and take a long, warm, cozy nap.

1. In the history of comfiness, this might be be the comfiest anyone or anything has ever been.

2. Dreaming of all the ankles she's going to attack when she wakes up.

3. This cozy kitty is cute enough to be worth the investment in lint rollers.

4. Shhhh.

5. Those are going to be some well-kneaded biscuits.

6. She can't sleep unless she has her favorite stuffie.

7. "Yes, I do need this whole chair. Find your own."

8. This disapproving stare is what happens when you forget to turn on the heat before going to work.

9. The urge to boop that little pink nose is overwhelming.

10. What yoga pose is this?

11. Must be Monday.

12. "My boyfriend tucked him in as a joke. It's been over an hour and he still hasn't moved."

13. Absolute purrfection.

14. Raise your hand if you sleep in pretty much this exact position.

15. For maximum coziness, use as many different blankets as possible.

16. He snores like a lawn mower, but no one has the heart to wake him up.

17. If bedhead were a feeling, it would feel like this.

18. Who ordered the extra large purrito?

19. "Hello everyone, might I bless you today with the most wonderful sight from the cat café?"


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