17 of the Most Hilarious Cats And Dogs On Twitter

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Some people scroll Twitter for politics and news. We are not those people.

2. "Sugar offers up a dance to spring."

3. Here's Edie.

She's a regal beagle.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

4. "This is my dog Theo. Theo isn’t allowed at the dog park because he is a pitbull. RT if Theo should be allowed to play at the dog park."



5. Fun fact: I gave my wife a calendar full of photos of the cat who lives in our parking lot (who we named Rockefeller) last Christmas.

The purrfect gift.


6. "he mönch toast crönch"

Such delicate cronching.


7. When people ask what kind of kitten you adopted:

Definitely a sun patch kitty.



8. Teapots make nice tiny feet warmers.

9. "Tonight's Twitter palette cleanser: a wet, grumpy dog laying next to the fireplace."

10. Get you someone who looks at you like this dog looks at his person.

11. Tent life is good.

12. "When you’re not mad, just disappointed"

13. "Her chewy bone was unacceptable."

14. Pomeranians in pajamas is good content.

15. "Kitty channeling her best Madonna fit"

16. You've got egg on your face, dog.

What did you do, my dude?


17. Moppet and the Forbidden Quilt

Our favorite children's story.