17 of the Most Hilarious Cats And Dogs On Twitter

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Some people scroll Twitter for politics and news. We are not those people.


1. We love Caturday Night Fever!

2. Here is Sugar performing The Rites of Spring.

3. Pet of the Month, indeed.


5. The purrfect gift.

6. Such delicate cronching.

7. When people ask what kind of kitten you adopted:

8. Ok, but cheese is like, really good.

9. Me either.

10. Get you someone who looks at you like this dog looks at his person.

11. Tent life is good.

12. That look!

13. This look!

14. Pomeranians in pajamas is good content.

15. She's just testing it for you.

16. You've got egg on your face, dog.

17. Our favorite children's story: