15 Very Sneaky Cats And Dogs

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Here are 15 very cute but very sneaky cats and dogs.

1. Ok, but who can resist Hawaiian rolls?

Ok, but who can resist Hawaiian rolls? They're so soft and sweet.


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2. A little nosh because they won't even notice that it's missing ...

3. Such sneak!

4. Nope, no dog here!

5. No regrets from the happiest bed thief.

6. Stealthy.

7. This cute-o stealing prosciutto ...

9. Where your lost socks go:

10. More persistent than sneaky ...

.... but it gets the job done.




12. "Who Moved The Lamp Again And Why Is It In The Plant?"

13. Do not trust this dog around a lollipop.

14. Clever boy hiding the evidence ...

Taking the plate for good measure is a power move.


15. This dog steals your socks and makes you feel guilty.


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