19 Sweet And Silly Cats And Dogs

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Two of our favorite things!



Video of the Day

2. "I fluffed up!"

3. "I don't need to see to know you think I'm cute!"

4. Here is a very silly puppy:

5. Oh geez.

6. Goodnight, cutie!

7. This bunny blep.

8. Here is a cat in a little cat bib.

"I'm ready for treats now, hooman."


9. This dog cleaned up the dog food that spilled instead of eating it.

10. She is beautiful.

11. A real looker.

12. I just died.

13. "Are you sure I won't go down the drain?"

"I'd feel safer if you got in with me."

14. Look at those little sleepy paws.

15. "People, let me tell you 'bout my best friend!"

16. Hmmm.

17. In, please.

18. Big cuddle mood from a tiny kitten:

19. Nap frenz are the best frenz.