19 Sweet And Silly Cats And Dogs

Two of our favorite things!


2. "I fluffed up!"

Fluffy cat getting a bath
credit: Miguenzo

3. "I don't need to see to know you think I'm cute!"

4. Here is a very silly puppy:

5. Oh geez.

6. Goodnight, cutie!

7. This bunny blep.

8. Here is a cat in a little cat bib.

"I'm ready for treats now, hooman."

9. This dog cleaned up the dog food that spilled instead of eating it.

10. She is beautiful.

11. A real looker.

12. I just died.

13. "Are you sure I won't go down the drain?"

"I'd feel safer if you got in with me."

14. Look at those little sleepy paws.

Sleepy kitten
credit: EZ0422

15. "People, let me tell you 'bout my best friend!"

Cat and dog best friends
credit: alltimehit

16. Hmmm.

17. In, please.

18. Big cuddle mood from a tiny kitten:

19. Nap frenz are the best frenz.

Cat and dog snoozing
credit: thirdimmortal