19 Sweet And Silly Cats And Dogs

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Two of our favorite things!


2. "I fluffed up!"

3. "I don't need to see to know you think I'm cute!"

4. "It's like a stuffed animal came to life"

5. Oh geez, my heart can't even handle this.

6. "Sells dime bags of catnip in the parking lot when you're not looking."

7. "My friend loves carrots more than you love anything."

What a good bunny.


Video of the Day

8. Here is a cat in a little cat bib, that is all.

"I'm ready for treats now, hooman."

9. This dog cleaned up the dog food that spilled instead of eating it: "Here's yet another reason why my dog is the purest pup ever. I came home from the store to see that his food bag had fallen over, but it looks like he pushed all the food into a neat pile instead of leaving a mess (he didn't eat it because he usually only eats when I'm around)"

10. "Sometimes people think I photoshop her but NOPE she just looks like this"

She is beautiful.



11. "Mahm, she’s doing it again"

A real looker.


12. "Someone on my road has a cat face hole in their glazing so their cat can look through"

I just died.


13. "When your cat sees bubbles for the first time. He’s absolutely fascinated!"

14. Look at those little sleepy paws.

15. "People, let me tell you 'bout my best friend!"

16. Hmmm.

17. "My coworker got my cat a christmas tree outfit 😭"

18. "This is Haru. She is just now waking from her food coma. It lasted all weekend. A few more minutes couldn’t hurt though. 13/10"

19. Nap frenz are the best frenz.


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