17 Times Cats Ruled And Everyone Else Drooled

You say pet cat. They say human servant.

1. It's pretty clear who's in charge here.

Cat holding down dog's head
credit: Imgur

2. Message received.

3. Aww, grandpa ❤

Grandpa sitting on stool so cat can have chair
credit: Imgur

4. "No, I don't want any magazines!"

5. In case you were wondering who actually owns the house...

Cat meowing
credit: Tumblr

6. They don't stand a chance.

7. Whatcha gonna do about it? Hmm?

Cat putting its paw on a counter top passive aggressively
credit: Reddit

8. Princess thinks she can just borrow whatever lipstick she wants.

9. "Young lady, my food bowl has been empty for six minutes."

10. The stairs toll is too high.

Dogs waiting at the top of a staircase where three cats are laying on the stairs
credit: Tumblr

11. "We go walkies when I say we go walkies."

12. Catzilla takes a quick break from rampaging.

Cat lying on a destroyed toy train track
credit: Reddit

13. "Hey. Hey, man. Hey, cut it out."

14. "You may approach the royal stairs with your offering... slowly."

Two cats on a staircase looking down at a man holding a baby
credit: Reddit

15. You hate to see that happen.

16. She doesn't even want it, she's just proving a point.

Cat chewing on dog's bone while the dog watches
credit: Imgur

17. Finally figured out what the dog is for.