19 of the Cutest Pomeranians on the Internet

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The only way to make Pomeranians cuter is to call them Pom Poms, and that might just be too cute to handle.

1. There was a sale on bleps.

2. The best things come in threes.

3. Have you ever seen a fluffier little ball of love?

4. Bertie is a rescue Pom from Oklahoma. Now he has a forever home and gets all the scritches.

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5. "Hello, ladies."

6. This hipster floof is really into dog whistles... you've probably never heard of them.

7. A field full of dandelions.

8. It's not easy being this cute.

9. This is Debo, he's missing a leg. Still 12/10, would ride off into the sunset with him

10. Vortex of floof.

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11. Ball is life.

12. Silly doggo, boxes are for cats!

(Just kidding, you perfect angel, you sit wherever you want to )

13. "It's true, I conquered this tree all on my own."

14. Too cute, and such a boopable snoot to boot.

15. So fresh, so clean.

16. We call this "resting beach face."

17. A majestic duo.

18. "Spare scritches, ma'am?"

19. ...still cute.