21 Dogs Being Too Cute For Their Own Good

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make it through this list without cooing or awwing. Good luck.

1. Tackle hug!

Golden retriever siblings meeting each other again
credit: Reddit

2. "This is dog. I farm potatoes."

Dog farming potatoes
credit: Reddit

3. "Why won't they pet me?"

4. So squeeshy.

French bulldog having its face squished
credit: Instagram

5. Friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Dog with a turtle on its head
credit: Reddit

6. Some lessons just don't stick.

7. The color has faded, but the love is still there.

Dogs snuggling when they're young, and snuggling in the same position when they're old
credit: Reddit

8. "If this is a joke, it's not funny."

9. 13/10, would contemplate life with him everyday

Puppy on a train gazing out the window
credit: Reddit

10. These dogs have more self-control than we do.

11. Blep.

Sleeping pug with its tongue poking out
credit: Instagram

12. "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me three times, what the heck, hooman?"

13. This is an alarm clock we can get behind.

Dog watching person sleep
credit: Reddit

14. So much cuteness in such a small package!

15. TFW they ask "Who's a good boy?" and you already know it's you.

Dog smirking
credit: Reddit

16. "Oh, I'm sorrry, am I in your way?"

17. Printer's out of ink again.

Puppy with a black head and a white body
credit: Imgur

18. Fluffy ears, or tiny wings?

Puppy with its ears spread out like wings
credit: Reddit

19. So sneaky. The sneakiest.

Dog trying to get its toy back
credit: Reddit

20. Best neighbors ever.

21. It was worth it.

Two very muddy white dogs
credit: Reddit