21 Bunnies That Will Hop Right Into Your Heart

Rabbits come in lots of different shapes and sizes, but we prefer the ones that are cute, soft, and have twitchy noses. Oh, wait, that's all of them.

1. Who's the prettiest princess?

Rabbit covered in flower petals
credit: Tumblr

2. [chewing intensifies]

3. You can tell they don't clean the train cars often enough, because there's loose hares everywhere.

Rabbit on a bus
credit: Twitter

(True story: there were several sightings of this bunny taking the bus.)

4. "Excuse me, human, I would like the cuddles now please."

Bunny with its paws on human's knee
credit: Tumblr

5. Even with big ears, the conference call was tough to follow.

Tiny bunny sitting on an office telephone
credit: Imgur

6. What a darling little bunnble bee!

Rabbit dressed in a bumblebee costume
credit: Reddit

7. Poor John.

Rabbit with no concept of personal space
credit: Facebook

8. Time for a little tête-à-tête-à-tête.

9. "I'mmm meltinnnnng."

Floppy rabbit sliding off bed
credit: Reddit

10. Important rabbit business to attend to.

Rabbit walking purposefully
credit: Facebook

11. "Again! Again!"

12. Total tank. Absolute unit.

Human holding enormous gray rabbit
credit: Reddit

13. When the waiter comes by to ask how everything is right as you take a bite.

Rabbit with its mouth full of hay
credit: Twitter

14. Impressive gymnastics!

15. Just a handful of cute this pure can be lethal.

Tiny white rabbit in the palm of a hand
credit: Tumblr

16. Bunny shaming.

17. A rabbit is never late; nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.

Rabbit posing with a watch
credit: Instagram

18. Tag!

19. "OMG tell me everything"

Excited rabbit with its mouth open
credit: Reddit

20. Mondays, eh?

21. "Phbbbt."

Rabbit sticking out its tongue
credit: Instagram