18 of the Cutest French Bulldogs on the Internet

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Frenchies are among the top ten most popular breeds in the US, UK, and Australia, which makes sense, because seriously, have you seen their little faces?

1. "Sorry I'm so cute. How can I make it up to you?"

2. Hard at work.

3. She's a mixed breed - half Frenchie, half fairy princess.

4. No donuts were harmed in the making of this video (probably).

5. May he never grow into those heckin' adorable ears.

6. Weekend vibes.

7. "You rang?"

8. Maybe that was one sip too many.

9. Perfect fit.

10. "The cat did it."

11. Springtime blep.

12. Share the love - and the peanut butter.

13. "Last one to the fire hydrant is a rotten egg!"

14. oh hey 🙃

15. Don't forget to stop and smell (or eat) the flowers.

16. TFW you realize you can't responsibly put off those errands anymore.

17. Mr. Steal Your Girl is at it again.

18. Regrets: Zero


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